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Many parents of Hypersensitive* children/teens/adults feel isolated (almost as if on an island alone), misunderstood and judged. The Lafaya Way, Peace of Mind Therapeutic Solutions programs provide supportive environments which bursts the isolation bubble you’ve been trapped in.

*Hypersensitive – social, emotional, and or behavioral struggles caused by chemical imbalance, sensory issues, environmental circumstances and other factors that contribute to the development of over-sensitivity to stimuli that would not typically be considered upsetting.

Our mission is to provide the needed support to foster in the connectivity, compliance, and peaceful home environments that most parents desire. With an increase of hypersensitivity worldwide due to isolation, and uncertainty, we seek to create intimate connections that will create a better sense of stability by ushering in more unified (we’re all on the same team) relationships in our homes.

“The Lafaya Way,” our 4-Core Strategies based, revolutionary approach, teaches people how to gain successful results over situations deemed extremely difficult or virtually impossible to maneuver through. The Lafaya Way empowers parents to communicate in a way that maximizes their influence and ability to engage children identified as difficult to reach.

We offer a variety of support services and platforms including:

The Lafaya Way, Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Programs Offer:

An opportunity to be surrounded by other parents who can “truly” relate to your situation

Safe space to share what’s really going on in your life and let your guard down

A place where when people ask you how you are doing, you can tell the “honest” truth

Expert Guidance from Lafaya! -Social Skills groups for higher-functioning children who struggle socially

Expert Guidance from our seasoned Special Education Advocate (SEA) Linda McNulty! -Private Therapeutic sessions for individual/family/parent support

And more…!  (visit for details)

Q&A The Lafaya Way Every Other Friday, 6pm PST

Join Lafaya live on Zoom to participate in parenting conversation and receive LIVE practical tips and feedback to support you in REAL TIME

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The Lafaya Way Private Parenting FB Community:

In The Lafaya Way group we offer a safe, non-judgmental space for those living/working with overly-sensitive (hypersensitive) children/teens/adults to:

ask questions,

share resources and wins,


support each other, and

connect with others on the same journey If you have a person in your life who is diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, ODD, RAD, or have some other undiagnosed social/emotional/behavioral challenge,

this group is for YOU.

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The Lafaya Way YouTube free parent education channel (visit and subscribe today!)



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