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As school based Occupational Therapists (OT), the founders of OT For Me specialize in fine motor and visual-motor skills such as handwriting, cutting/crafts, self-care skills and sensory processing and emotional-regulation needs as they relate to academic performance. We saw a huge need for students that are either being homeschooled, OR are not receiving a school OT, whether due to school closures or not qualifying for an IEP. Together, we created OT for Me. Our website offers a blog, an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter for exclusive tips and discounts and our Facebook page and Instagram offer plenty of free strategies and advice for families with both children with special needs but also navigating through the chaos of everyday life! We also offer a subscription box that focuses on fine motor, gross motor, sensory processing and academic development each month! This is perfect for kids developmentally aged 3+ for therapeutic activities that help build their skills through play! In addition, we offer a School Readiness box that comes equipped with our all time favorite sensory and writing tools to support children with their sensory needs and fine motor skills during school.
*We do not claim or intend to replace occupational therapy services or treatment with these tools, they are intended as additional support and education.






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