Nakisha Blain

Social Media Manager

My name is Nakisha Blain and I love helping businesses like yours reach their goals!

Check out my business Savvy VA.


Savvy VA by Nakisha Blain

Services Available

  • Social media management 
  • Facebook group and page management
  • Pinterest/Twitter management
  • Instagram tasks
  • Editing blogs,
  • Facebook thread shares
  • Social shares
  • Research
  • Data entry
  • Email management
  • Customer service
  • Calendar management



  • Create and maintain accurate information
  • Retrieve information quickly and efficiently
  • Manage and complete multiple tasks accurately and by deadline
  • Organize, schedule and plan social media content
  • Display solid working knowledge of standard computer applications including MS Word, Outlook, and Google
  • Editing blogs,
  • Facebook thread shares
  • Plan and implement procedures to improve efficiency
  • Communicate clearly and professionally with internal and external customers
  • Work effectively as part of a team to achieve established outcomes
  • Pay close attention to detail in all aspects of the job
  • Make decisions using available resources and sound judgment
  • Asana, Basecamp, Buffer, Ejunkie, Facebook, Hootsuite, Content Studio, Meet Edgar, Pinterest, Post Planner, Smarter Queue, Send Owl, Trello, Twitter, and Voxer


Education & Experience


Sullivan University

Louisville, KY

Travel/Tourism 1999-2002

Shawnee High School

Louisville, KY

Aviation & Travel/Tourism 1995-1999

VA Experience


Virtual Assistant to homeschool bloggers and brands|SavvyVA

KY Homeschooling

KY Homeschooling Groups

Homeschool Blog Share Group

Get Your Greens On


Homeschool Experience


Nakisha Blain

Savvy Nakisha Twitter

Savvy Nakisha Pinterest


References & COntact


Gina Glenn

SPED Homeschool



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