Lara Lee

Graphic Design Manager

Lara is a homeschooling mom of two special needs sons (a 10-year-old and a 17-month-old). She is also a writer of young adult fantasy fiction novels, a graphic designer, a blogger, and a Sunday School teacher.


Lara grew up watching her mother teach preschool children during the day and then work as a sign-language interpreter during her off time. Lara struggled with dyslexia but overcame her difficulties with reading to go on and get a bachelor’s degree in 3 years. Her early experiences in the special needs community has shaped her view of what is possible for all individuals.

Teaching had never been Lara’s dream. She wanted to make books. Ten years ago, Lara left her job as a professional graphic designer at the children’s curriculum publisher, Mentoring Minds, to follow her husband to Edinburgh, Scotland. While there, her oldest son was born as a micro-preemie. He was then diagnosed with autism and optic nerve hypoplasia once they moved back to Texas. After interviewing parents of special needs children in her community, she discovered how many children like hers were not learning to read or do basic math, so she decided to homeschool. At every therapy office, doctor’s office, and special needs activity, Lara continued to hear and meet special needs individuals of all ages who were struggling. These conversations are what launched Lara to write books and articles that give hope.

When her family moved to a new city, they discovered a school that seemed promising, but after two years, her son did not learn much more than the reading and math he had learned at home. Then Lara’s youngest son was born deaf. It created an emotional and spiritual crisis. Lara started on a journey of searching out the Bible to find out God’s plan for special needs individuals and pursue a master’s degree in special needs education. Her goal is to help special needs individuals find what they were created to do with their lives – to achieve more than what society says is possible for them. She intends to do this by making resources more accessible to all.


Lara’s career has always been in the world of books: writing, designing, and publishing. With her experience with special needs as a non-specialist, she has made it her task to give families and struggling individuals the thing they long for the most: hope.


To learn more about Lara’s blog, check out her listing on our blogging partner page.


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