“Homeschooling a child with special needs–visible or invisible– is not for everyone. But many families tell me it’s the best fit for them.”

Kathy Kuhl

Kathy Kuhl helps parents help children with challenges. After homeschooling her son with learning disabilities, she wrote Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, a handbook for helping children with challenges, including learning disabilities, attention deficit, autism, and giftedness. This book is based on interviews with 64 families homeschooling children with learning challenges, and on her own research and personal experience. She also wrote Staying Sane as You Homeschool and Encouraging Your Child, articles for many magazines, and her weekly blog.


Kathy speaks at homeschool conferences internationally. She individually advises families, providing resources, encouragement, and insight.


Kathy graduated from William and Mary, where she earned teaching certificates in English and mathematics. She helps lead two homeschool groups: one offering classes for teens, the other supporting homeschoolers with children with special needs. She has two children, three grandchildren, and lives with her husband in northern Virginia. She loves reading and hiking.

Mission Statement

Whether your child struggles, plods on, or gives up, I offer encouragement and support, based on my experience, research, and on Biblical principles. I aim to bridge the homeschool and special education communities, providing resources and hope. While God doesn’t promise us easy answers, He gives us strength for the journey. This is an exciting time to homeschool an exceptional child, whether you face learning difficulties, giftedness, or both. Resources are multiplying and homeschooling lets us customized our children’s education, not only to their needs, but also to their strengths and gifts. God gives us—and our kids—challenges to help us grow. I’m far from perfect, but I love to share what I’ve gleaned.

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