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Below are the current team member positions we have open at SPED Homeschool

All SPED Homeschool team members are volunteers

Training Manager

Work with the SPED Homeschool team to coordinate corporate training sessions for professionals and professional organizations who are interested in partnering with SPED Homeschool and marketing their products or services to the special education homeschooling community.

Pinterest Administrator

Work with the SPED Homeschool team to maintain the SPED Homeschool Pinterest boards, updating the boards with SPED Homeschool’s new images, articles, videos, and podcasts on a weekly basis.

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Partnership Manager

Work with the SPED Homeschool team to develop partnerships with bloggers, consultants and homeschooling, curriculum, therapy, and special needs organizations as well as invite representatives from these organizations to be featured guests on our weekly Facebook Live broadcast, SPED Homeschool Conversations.

Publications Manager

Work with the SPED Homeschool team to develop publication materials from SPED Homeschool’s resources or resources developed by our team with SPED Homeschool partner organizations. The goal of SPED Homeschool’s publication development will be to create easy-to-use guides families can download from our website (and applicable partnership websites) and ebooks which can be purchased to on Amazon to fund SPED Homeschool and our continued outreach.

Video Production Manager

Work with the SPED Homeschool team to run the SPED Homeschool Conversations broadcasting process from scheduling broadcasts on BeLive, to selecting shorter video production content, editing 4 shorter videos plus the full-length broadcast video, and scheduling the publication of these videos on a weekly basis on Facebook and YouTube.

Web Development Manager

Work with the SPED Homeschool team to weekly update content on our home page and video/podcast page as well as format and schedule the SPED Homeschool’s weekly new article. This position will also have oversight over website updates, the improved overall functionality of the website, continued work on updating older articles to optimize SEO and formatting, and any other scheduled website changes.

Marketing Manager

Work with the SPED Homeschool team to coordinate discounts, promotions, and communication with partner organizations to mutually benefit the SPED Homeschool community and our trusted partners and promote materials specific to the highlighted themes of our quarterly and monthly parent training scope and sequence plans.

Graphic Design Manager

Work with the SPED Homeschool team to design SPED Homeschool’s weekly graphics, which include 5 square images containing team/board member quotes, two blog images (one main graphic and one Pinterest graphic), a unique YouTube thumbnail with 4 modifications to add segment titles and one square version for the podcast graphic.

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