Funetix 12 Hour Reading App

Funetix 12 Hour Reading App is a new groundbreaking curriculum for emerging and struggling readers alike. It is based on a complex understanding of neuroscience and linguistics, language and orthography, the fundamental principles of how the brain processes the written English code, and the absolute best way to teach a developing mind how to read English.

Since January of 2020, more than 75, all volunteer, artists, engineers, UX designers, curriculum developers, project managers and other professionals have been building a 40 module, 2,000 screens of simulated one-on-one tutoring experience that can teach ANY child, and EVERY child, how to read, in just about 12 hours.

Take the wonderful flight to literacy and permanently close the education gap with the 100% FREE, EASY & PATENTED FUNetix Reading App


Download FUNetix App from Google & App Store available from Thanksgiving 2020.



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