Elephant Learning

Elephant Learning Math Academy was founded with a mission to empower children with mathematics. They covers from counting through Algebra and is available for students ages 2 and up. On average, children in their system learn 1.5 years of mathematics over the course of 10 weeks using our system just under 30 minutes per week. Over 100,000 students have come through the proven system and that is why they guarantee results.

The curriculum is presented as puzzle games for children, think “Angry Birds” for mathematics. As the students solve the puzzles, they are exhibiting mathematical concepts that we are labeling, facilitating understanding of the parent and teacher.

At the same time we give parents and teachers the resources they need in order to empower children with mathematics. The reports have teacher continuing education courses condensed to videos that are just a few minutes long provided at the student’s level when the student would benefit from it. You may see exactly what your student is working on and where you may step in to facilitate outside of the system if you wish to be involved.






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