“…why do we compare our family with that of another and try to recreate their recipe for success in our own homeschool?”..we need to recognize we are on our own journey…”

Cammie Arn

Leadership Manager

Cammie is a “veteran” homeschool mama, still in the trenches teaching 5 of her 8 kids at home. Her children range in age from 2-23, and she has graduated 3 from her homeschool.


Cammie and her family enjoy country living near Bryan, TX.



Cammie is a real mom-in-the-trenches homeschooler, who loves to take time to listen, walk women through truth-filled reflection, pray with them, and offer encouragement for the road ahead.


Join Cammie’s Homespun Homeschool Facebook group if you are looking for encouragement on how to homeschool your children in a Christian home that focuses on life schooling, not just scholastics.


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