Meet the SPED Homeschool Board of Directors

Jan Bedell


Jan Bedell, Ph.D., M.ND is a seasoned special education homeschool mom and President of Little Giant Steps, a neuro-deveopmental educational curriculum, consulting and support company.


Faith Berens

Vice Chair

Faith Berens, M.Ed. is an in-the-trenches homeschooling mom, a Special Needs Consultant for the Home School Legal Defense Association, and an educational diagnostician in her own private practice.


Dianne Craft


Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP is a former homeschool mom with over 35 years of special education teaching experience and founder of the homeschool consulting firm, Child Diagnostics, Inc.


Kathy Kuhl


Kathy Kuhl is a veteran homeschool mom, author and international speaker who advises families, providing resources, encouragement, and insight, through her company, Learn Differently.


Penny Rogers


Penny Rogers is a seasoned autism homeschooling mom who blogs about everything she has learned about autism, homeschooling, and parenting at Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland.

SPED Homeschool Public Documents

SPED Homeschool Bylaws

SPED Homeschool Conflict of Interest Policy

SPED Homeschool Board Meeting Minutes


Initial Board Meeting 9/1/9/17

Board Meeting 12/8/17

Board Meeting 1/18/18

Board Meeting 4/20/18

Board Meeting 10/4/18

Board Meeting 4/1/19

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