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Meet Our Blogging Partners

SPED Homeschool has partnered with some amazing special education homeschooling bloggers.  Click on the links below to discover how these individuals can help you in your homeschooling endeavors.


Are you interested in partnering with us as a blogger?  Follow the link below to learn more about this opportunity.



Cheryl Swope

Cheryl Swope

Homeschooling resources for special needs. Free podcasts, articles, and interviews.


Little Giant Steps

Jan Bedell

“…a world where…struggling learners achieve superior developmental, academic and memory function.”


Child Diagnostics

Dianne Craft

“We teach you how to correct & bypass learning glitches inexpensively, at home.”




Learn Differently

Kathy Kuhl

 Offering encouragement and support for families with children who learn differently.


Our Crazy Adventures in AutismLand

Penny Rogers

“Helping families navigate the challenges of autism with hope and encouragement.”


Growing As They Grow

Mary Winfield

 “Our adventures in special needs and homeschooling.”

“I love to learn and grow with my kids.”


Growing In Grace

Tracy Glockle

“Classically homeschooling ADHD | dyslexia with a touch of Charlotte Mason grace”


Sticks Stones and Chicken Bones

Kyndra Steinmann

“Living a life of discovery with a houseful of children, an endless supply of questions, and boundless grace.”


Inside Our Normal

Cynthia Heren

“Normal” looks different when you have kids various learning challenges and special needs who don’t fit in the grade level box. Join as and take a peek Inside Our Normal as we embrace all the quirks and do what works for us.


Living with Eve

Leilani Melendez

Former classroom teacher and now homeschooling mom offering guidance, resources, and support so that parents can be empowered to meet their exceptional child’s educational and developmental needs. 


Lara’s Wanderings


Lara Lee is a dyslexic writer of young adult fantasy fiction with a special interest and focuses on special needs and parent of two sons with special needs. Some of her stories have characters with special needs, but all her stories are about hope. 


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